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As a passionate, curious and research oriented person with a bent of creativity, I enjoy approaching projects with a holistic approach to the best of ability, to derive simple solutions or insights.

A large part of my process while working with any project stems from my natural ability to cultivate understanding of the problem to spot the right opportunity, and go through the projects either by collaborative approaches or through consultation of the process by which the solution could manifest, benefitting maximum stakeholders and users.

Problems that create nuisance need an idea from 'NEWSENSE' to move ahead :)

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Think , Be , Do 

Work, Experiments & Experiences

Marketing & Design

Journey of my educational training begins even before introduction to the world or words, ever since this topic of design was introduced officially to me in 2008 , i was intrigued by a subject that has innumerable ways of defining and approaches . 


Sharing some examples of work that are a mix of personal, academic and professional output formed from exploring, mistakes and intentional creations.

Few examples of the work

Hands on Work


Nobody is born with knowledge and experience, in-order to develop certain skills.

My journey through various subjects, people and institutions that moulded me.

A little peek into my education and past work experience.

Experience so far and more to add

August 2016 - Present

Yanko Design - Content, Insight Research & Marketing 

- Growing of Pinterest social media market by 5X times from 80k followers through a tested formula, and improvisation based on observation and discussions. 

- Deconstructing the Content Methodology through data analysis

- Content Research through practical human problem.

- Social Media Marketing of Major Digital Platforms

- Insights for Concept generation and Product development

May 2015 - Fenurary 2016

Samosa Labs Pvt Lmt -  Ux Design & Researcher

- Designing and Building a mobile application that used movie audio stickers instead of emotions.
- Team building - bringing a competent design team for research and delivering insights for development.

Across various time frames

Internships & Projects

Unitron Energy Pvt Ltd - Study of small scale windmills, brand identification , quality control (assembly line) and basic exploration of alternative energy systems. 

InstillMotion Pvt Ltd - Understanding the S.T.P ( segmentation, target market, Positioning ) of C.C.L coffee manufacturer, Team work - basic ethnographic research, Ideation and Packaging Design.


- Ux Research for Blockchain Technology ( Autonomy, Hyd )

- Basic Brand Package for Play school ( Creative Kids, Hyd ),

- Branding for Online Educational Programme ( Smart Lantern, Hyd ) 

- Branding for Financial Planing Institutions ( Krishna wealth Management, USA ) 

- Assistant Faculty for Design for social change - DJaD

- Visiting Faculty for Research - SASi

Self initiated Research Topics 

- Science,

- Anthropology, 

- Psychology and

- Social Cultures.

2008  - Present

Academic Process


- Urban Animal Welfare,

- Basics of Farming,

- C.O.B :- Natural building material,

- Basics of Equine (Horse) Wellbeing.

Animal & Canine Communication - Basic - Nature tales

How to turn an idea into a company - Ritesh Agarwal - OYO founder

Social Media Marketing - Takashi Yamada


Diploma in Product & Industrial Design from DJAD - Educated into research methods, form and aesthetic understanding, Photography, Illustrations, Liberal Arts, Understanding of simple and technical projects, Basics into Universal Design.

Social Design Masters from AUD  - Educated in, Systems thinking, Service Design, Perspective Analysis, Basics of Social Entrepreneurship.

Imagination is more important than Knowledge, knowledge can take you from a point to another, imagination will take you everywhere.


Albert Einstien

Few of the updates of hobbies

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