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The act of Communication

The L in the worLd is a way of telling myself there is only Learning.

We are constantLy, evoLving be that science, technoLogy, cuisines, reLationships, products, Cities or even as a being as such. Nature is evolving, always thriving, with the help of the forces of the universes.

We Live to evoLve, even Love evoLves, isnt it? Haven't you ever been in those relationships which starts of sweet and ends up bitter? or starts of bitter and ends up sweet. The bittersweet symphony that plays through the strands on our lives?

Yet these bitter moments are not easy to swallow, as opposed to the sweet desserts that we consume after a proper meal.

I ask myself often, why do i face so many misunderstandings.

Simply put,

- communication.

From communal miscommunication, to the misunderstandings of communities, and all the commuting of communication that happens in the world through technology of messages, mails, speech and any other form, the issue is clear - communication.

Recently i went on a date with myself, i was giving my body a good time, i sat in the corner as usual, and noticed a couple order a delicious meal, as i sat there with my head in clouds, dreaming of the successes and failures i had, i looked to them and there was sudden confusion. One of them mentioned " i thought it was that, oh no!"

And that got my boredom to ask something of a more deeper question.

When i say something are we interpreting what i mean in me or what it means in you.

When i say a "pizza" - i am thinking of a cheese overloaded, veggie delight, crisply crusted, with a mild burnt brown color on the sides with lots of chilli flakes, oregano and spices that seduce my tongue.

To you , you might be thinking of a plain margarita baked in a nice wooden oven.

Hence, a misunderstanding arose. The best way to be, is to be specific and clear in our form of communication, i understand it is easier said than done, easier written than acted out.

Communication happens in so many forms, the world of words opened to us as a species only recently, couple of thousand years ago. When we as a species learnt how to use or two inch boneless muscle called the tongue, and the genealogy developed a new strand called FoxP2.

We since then evolved our languages into many forms, depending on factors beyond the scope of this expression of an opinion. So many forms of speaking, so many ways of sharing our thoughts our feeling our ideas and ultimately to share our being with another.

Every creature has developed its own way of speech, to call something illiterate or dumb is appalling in the context of language.

This happened,

One late night, at half past 1, i was camping in a hostel in a remote area in the plains next to a seaside township, i was frustrated unable to complete a task, so decided to take a walk and clear my head in the canopy of trees with moon as a the source of light that shined through the covered leaves, while fuming my lungs with some carbon-monoxide, smoke.

I witnessed two owls, perched on two separated branches of the same banyan tree, and they were speaking to each other, a vocalisation so intricately designed by nature, it was beyond words to explain the nature of their conversation, by the looks of it, felt they had an argument, while the rest of the folks were busy asleep, i am seeing the owls speak to each other.

And they kept flying silently from tree to tree, having a conversation, and what i observed was they were doing this, may be this was a form of mating ritual. I dint know and i still dont.

Yet what captured my perception was how we communicate, i often find myself in places of misunderstandings and miscommunication.

I rely this to my in-ability to be vocal with my words, as that seems to be the major form of communication in the world we evolved today. The 21st century ( not the production house, pun intended). I once had this skill, yet as i looked more deeply, i found, there was a miscommunication within me.

In the world of humans, we are. Communication is key for a peaceful progression and development of each other.

Yet words as i observed in myself and in so many relationships, are simply said.

Without any true intention of what they mean, the meaning is there by, just a fap of the tongue that has gathered a bunch of sounds that mean something, aesthetics is of concern as well. I remember how much of a wording rituals we do, to impress someone, a potential mate or to landing that dream job or closing that sale at the end of the quarter.

We are essentially driven by these vocal texts, as beautiful as they are, they are misleading. Because we dont live by what we say, we live by what we do. Hence at some point in time we started to use signatures. We dont live in the age of "man of my word" at-least not the majority i have encountered.

From organisations to the poetic relationship of the two love birds near your house, trust! that was taken from a word that was said when times were different. Its easy , language is not truly hard, what matters is how we enact on the words we say. I am a partial hypocrisy that way.

I may say i hate you and give the cream of curses in a moment of anger, yet i may not mean any of what i said. And that is the futility i face, often. A loved one says one thing and does another. That is, as close to cheating as betrayal can be.

Recently, i had a girl, say she was afraid of fire and asked me to light a candle, i bluntly refused, what i noticed was, she was literally cooking on a stove the previous day and the time after. I asked myself why was there a need to lie there, why did she use her words to lie?

The point that i am looking too, is, words can lie, language is essentially now a tool, a tool that can either help or destroy. These become so vital in our inter-personal relationships. When i write this, i use my words, i am not selling you anything here. Only offering an experience.

Actions are louder than words.

I can be a liar, in my thought,

I can be a liar, in my word,

I can be a liar, in my speech,

yet how can i lie

in my action.

Well, turns out there can be a lying act as well, yet habitual actions cannot be lying or can they ?

Essentially to me, in the web of life we live in, its important i have my act together. Personally, because if i don't fix my form of communication, i am only adding to the mass miscommunications that happen in the string of the web.

A lot is said, but never meant, communications happens in so many ways, we live in a community that is built on communication, verbal communication is only one form, there are non verbal as well.

Even silence is a sound that communicates, in the spaces above there is only vast amount of silence isn't it? A vacuum so hollow , so deafening it can make sane in, insane.

We are constantly interpreting, constantly in perception. From the gross material physical states to transcendental metaphysical. From our televisions, the news, our books, our friends or families our selves, we are in constant states of interpretations.

My firm opinion is of that, we really dont know how to communicate, i dont atleast, if i carry a hidden agenda with you, how can i ever communicate clearly to you?

So 100% communication, as of now is a myth. from families to friends to strangers, and even lovers and partners, we are never 100% with anyone, things i do with friends i dont share with my family, things i share with my lover i dont share with friends, the only really communication is with the self, self here being my body, my mind, my thoughts, my brain etc etc.

I can lie to the whole world, yet in me, i know i have lied, lie is only a success when you buy it as a truth or fact and you never find out, and to keep you from knowing the truth, i lie to you again, hence the miscommunications is bound to be growing.

As per by a renowned psychotherapist, the highest moralistic value of a stand anyone can take is to be brutally honest with themselves and to say the least not lie to anyone, as far as experience speaks, that itself is an act of courage and of high standards, the rest is frills of the experience.

I suppose, in an hypothetical situation, even if everything around me is a lie, to be honest with yourself is the only way to live.

Honesty, Truth ( being factual ) , Loyalty, Love, Compassion, to me these require an honest form of communication, with the string of relations we carry.

And to be honest,

You will piss off a lot of people for being so, and that is the beautiful part of honest beings, Their honesty is a threat to those who live a well dressed lie. And that should give a sense of measurement to you, of who needs to be in your circle of progression.

And essentially progression and development takes a lot of effort in honest communication, hence i suppose we see a lot of protests or reforms that begin with being transparency to upliftment.

Communication like a proper city traffic flowing road is a two way street, and a proper commuting takes more than one person for the highway to net get jammed.

We live in the age of (dot).com, communities, commuting and communions, hence the act of communication is of the most vital.


from the trees with roots,

to the dolphin noses,

sheer cry of a baby to,

the howling of relentless wolf,

fire spitting verses of the rapper,

to the humming of the singer,

hand holding the flower,

swagging hand gesture

blooming flower of nature,

raised hood of the snake

gripped pains when in ache,

touch of care,

the look of rage

tear that flowed down the cheek

silent stretched hand of the meek

androgens of the lover,

look of broken human endeavour,

And even the divine may be?

everything is saying something








Am i listening?

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