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The life lesson in dance

A personal expression

Growing up in an environment that had cinematic spectacles and dramatic b.s , on road music festivals - there is some nature to the activity of dance. There was one thing that the Indian cinema maintained for a long time, though they were irrelevant placements of dance numbers, from romantic numbers to skimpy woman in seductive dressing ( item numbers as they are called), though most of them never made sense, sure the music was grooving and emotional to sing and move to, the meaning to me, personally, was something else.

So many I knew, shy away from dancing or only dance when they are drunk or in a party or in a club or contextually. I was not that type, I remember dancing even without any music at a very young age in a junction when my school van stopped at the light. I just did, I got down and started dancing, some of us danced in school classrooms using a pencil box as a musical instrument! Alas, after that, it wasn’t till after few years when I picked up that movement of dance again.

By then my faculties of intellect have also developed, I wondered were was the dancing coming from, I am not drunk or neither do i have sleek dressed people around me, neither i am in a party, what is it? That makes me, want to keep grooving. Firstly, like any Indian stigma mind, I would say , thats my adhd , hyperactivity, leads to a lot of distractions and movement is one such stream, yet that was not the entire bit.

Dance is an activity, it’s a verb, it’s a doing - India or Hindustan or Bharath, was a land that was named after geography and not an ethnicity or culture, people here had a security developed early on due its geographical position. We find different forms of art in this land that arose, all the four corners you would find a different nature and style of dance, be that of the classical Bharatanatyam or kuchupudi or even the dapang style filled with beats and Marfa steps. Though this is equally true with any other nation , land, or culture on this planet. Every geography has a unique style of dance, and every generation has found a unique dance as well and icons that followed.

When we indulge in the dance, there is no thought, there is not much thinking, at least not for me, well, also because I am not a trained dancer.

Dance is an activity that has a meditative quality, I dance as a meditation, and its fun! The activity is all about being in the present moment, the steps that we take are always in tune with the music that is played, so synchrony is at the utmost level of doing - doing is a movement, its like having a wheel, a wheel is made and designed to move! The beats in the background has to match the movement involved in the body.

As I dance, I am not in anyway involved with world outside, as the music is played , I am only bothered about how I am moving. Very few activities involve complete being, and dance is one such activity. The life lessons I take from this, is that, the activity is no less than a gym work out, pumping all the needed chemicals for an active mind. Zumba? I suppose was developed as a work out and dance , mix!

The activity of moving the body to suit the music, from straight linear methods of the ballerina to the circular movement of the classical , or the swing swag of the hip hop artist, dance has a very intoxicating element to it! That makes us want to oogle at some and participate with others or just shy away in some instance. We dont have to perform striptease, yet even graceful methods of dancing can be extremely beautiful.

I had a lecturer ask our class, what would you guys do before starting the lecture, so you all can participate better in the classroom, that was purely because, we all entered the rooms with dull heads and why am I here look on our faces, we had various ideas thrown around, I was too shy to speak, yet, I mentioned we should have a few minutes of dance, I had the lecturer laugh at me not to mention those dreaded looks of wtf did he just say from some classmates ( happens a lot with me, that aside ) , though I never had a reason to tell him all this, what can I say, this is only a perspective anyway.

Dancing in the state of drunk is easy, yet why do we do that, why do we dance only when we are intoxicated, or in parties, are we that shallow that we need our cognitive capabilities to be dulled and dumbed so we don’t feel and can move freely on the floor? I wouldn’t know! Yet to dance as such is something beautiful. I started dancing a lot more after having emotional instability and mental issues happen, as a means to get into meditation, since that was recommended by every doctor I visited. While some thought I was drunk or an idiot to dance without a reason, I saw them with the same thought, why do you have to dance for a reason?

To simply put, may be Master Lawerence and Prabhudeva were right, ABCD - any body can dance! The best dancers among the industry here are always fun to watch, even if the movie is bad or not worth a minute, some of us, just go to watch the hero or heroines break a leg in the song!

If you’re reading this, do try, put on a song you might beat to and just move with it, no friends or partners, just sway along, might work when your depression kick in next time around!

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