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Psychology of being - Through 2 Cult Classics

Concept - B of i, u and e

In my opinion, the choice, i hold as a hominid is few, in terms of psyche,

Having been a person who has had issues - mentality, physically and spiritually

I am not sure how this philosophy is proper, yet this is a pure out pour of something that happened after looking to see the silver linning of life events.

That is B of bitter, better or butter. B of i , e & u.

I shall elaborate this through an example of cult classical screen writing by two magnums works of the last 50 years , one that is from a small regional Indian spectacle and the other an International adaptation of a comic.

In the classic "Dhaana Veera Soora Karna" played by the versatile NTR sir, what is noticeable is how the 3 character are played by the same person, or body of being, though this can be seen as the creative genius of the artist that he was, encasing his ability as a character artiste.

Rather from a psychological stand point sprinkled with a bit of esoteric knowing , it is quite interesting to note how the personality of the three has shaped their persona's based on their environments of inner climate.

As this is a small part of the epic poem known as 'MahaBharath' or the lesser known 'Jaya'; This is more of a honour to the creative writing by 'Vyasa Maharishi' a seer who composed this poem and a story. I attempt to see this purely on personality basis here from the little heard, read and known.

I write this, as , this is something we all face no matter. ( There is no religious connotation here)

We see 3 royal imperfect beings, from 3 different kingdoms of the lore, who are related to each other, making hell and heaven of their life. 3 people who someway lost something.

The three personalities are at some point of their lives, get trained in all forms of arts and education, get into all kinds of political - family - relationship entanglements etc.

In short the life we all face, everyday in some form or way irrespective of gender or nationality - the usual everyday life.

Beginning with,

Karna and Krishna, in a subtle way of amusement both the names have the same string of meaning at a level of discernment.

While both also have the narrative of the them moved through water after birth, abandoned or let go by a motherly figure, raised by fosters, elsewhere and a life story weaved with numerous ups and downs, the difference was in their approach to life, while Karna , fondly known as ( the son of the sun ), went through a lot of experiences and was a highly charitable personality, hence the name of the movie , he lived a bitter life, with every experience life threw at him, and so the narration goes, he turned b'i'tter, in the sense of being heavy with life, though he was extremely loyal, good natured, who was charitable ( dhana ) and a far more skilled , rather "the best warrior" ( veera) of the times he lived in.

Karna wanted to prove his worth for being humiliated and not knowing his origins almost all his life.

In the same accord, Krishna also had, somewhat the similar experience, he may have not been the best warrior, yet life couldn't stop itself from catching him too, he went through almost the same things as Karna - humiliation, cheaters, lies, abandonment, assassinations, family feuds and deceit, yet the innate personality of Krishna was that of bliss / joy / happiness, he was not as skilled as Karna or like his friend Arjuna, but he knew how to be the b'u'tter. He was innately the epitome of all emotions, the cream of all emotions being, that of joy and happiness. Krishna knew fear as well, he evens evades a fight at some point, Karna wasn't the fearful type, he was courageous, he was much feared by others and his cousins, which leads to what some may call his equal, 'Arjuna'.

When it comes too Arjuna, a.k.a (the son of god of heaven), he too, went through the same as his brother 'Karna', but due to his fateful destined friendship with Krishna, his training with Drona, and his innate ability of being, his association with his 4 brothers , he strived to do b'e'tter. He even battled Karna , with out the knowledge of knowing he was also his brother from the same mother that abandoned him at time of birth.

Hence the B of - bitter, butter and better

While I may add how this may also work, is on the basis of the personalities being with their own self,

Karna - lived the "I" life, so rooted in his events, his I drove him, he was partially resentful ( and so that is how the story is narrated), he had an urge to prove, his unknown dark past drove his experiences and decisions. Primarily, though he fought for his own being and friends who may be wrong but offered him respect and authority he will deserved for a man of his nature, and so he was loyal to them.

Arjuna - lived the "E" life , his need to 'Elevate' himself drove him, he was insecure extremely, he always wanted to be the b'E'st. Better than Karna or even 'Ekalavya' ( a tribal warrior who was known to be better than the 2 best warrior) . He was insecure too, but he was much positive, empathetic and he fought for his family.

Krishna - lived the "U" life, his need to unite the warring families, to Unite the broken relations drove him, even before the war, he did his best to unite the two parties that were ready to kill other to prove something, He was always in thought beyond himself. He fought for his own, his family, friends and something more. Because he was driven by Love, a love more that goes beyond the 'self'.

The 3 personalities loose a lot in their lives, be that - lovers, brothers, families, treasures, kingdoms etc, and are extremely imperfect. Yet the story is what it is.

What separates the 3 are the various degrees in which they hold the level of their empathy , sympathy and apathy, whether it was about themselves or some other being.

Empathy is key. In todays world, there is no lack of wealth, health, resources, education, knowledge, sympathy & technology. What we as a species are poor in is - empathy (opinion).

Hence i find this story, and more so in this particular story of the same actor, playing the three personalities , this is the story that have supposedly influenced a war of epic proportions 5000+ years ago, whose remnants are still displayed or talked about.

Irrespective of the factuality,

Why is this important to you or me?

The same actor playing all the 3 was beautiful to me as it subtly implied how we are so many times - bitter, better and butter. Since we all go through multiple situations in life that makes us do things,

Life will take us , to places and spaces, phases and faces. Though innately we all are E,I, U at some point, essentially thats how we are as humans or may be not.

I could be wrong.

Either way, something thats really worth noting for me as i learnt from this film, is that, what i act on, is that out of fear / insecurity / love or something bigger ?

This is true with the myth of batman as well, while

Harvey Dent had events that made him a bitter being.

Joker and batman were fighting against each other as they both were equally matched with better and butter.

Batman and Joker were opposites, we even get to hear Joker say to Batman, that batman gives Joker meaning, "he completes him".

To my knowledge, correct me if i am wrong here,

When Bob Kane designed the comic, we actually see how he has placed the two.

Batman - a rich, spoilt, intellect and Joker - poor and intelligent

While Batman had a policy of no killing, joker dint mind the Carnage.

Both are losers in their love life, one with a friend called Rachel the other with Harley Quinn.

The intriguing aspect of this is the same.

The three characters of the - Dark Knight, lived on the aspects of bitter , better and butter, and the three at some point experienced all these phases.

Batman and Joker are irrepressibly - two monsters, One was a monster with ethics ( morals & control ) ; the other a monster without any moral compass. The personalities are so beautifully stitched, to see how batman, the hero - has his bitter moments ; his times to do better ; and the time he was just pure charisma on screen - the butter, fighting for the you irrespective himself, which makes him a superhero.

Joker was no less, more so Health Ledger stole the show; a lot of people went to see the joker more than the ruthless fight by the bat. He was extremely intelligent, highly sophisticated in his approach to the massacres or plans that he had etched into the theme.

Yet, to my surprise except in the initial comical stand of how he turned bitter, You never see joker turn as a bitter personality through out the series, be that in the movies, episodes or comics, he is always laughing and smiling - hence why he chose a shadow persona name like that of a clown, a joker.

You see these three characters choose their jungian shadow of their personal life, as a persona of image to be seen to the world, their names - Batman ; Joker ; Two face. ( topic for another time )

The batman. - the joker - and dent(two face) - all 3 are shadows of their own personalities. Their fears, their inner monsters, their image with someone else.

We see a subtle hint even in the spider - man series, a better being does butter with his gifts after the intersteller venom symbiote he becomes bitter.

As a philosophy, i find this quite endearing, because, personally i go through anxieties, depressions and self doubt, so i introspect my being.

And the beautiful stories we are surrounded by, be that myth, fact, or comical - help us, guide us , if not all the time.

At least in our darkest hour.

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