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The speed of darkness

On a level of pure theory, and to have the “I know science too talk”, here is something that may require certain methods of experimentation to prove the equation of energy and mass for todays time. No, i am not a scientist, yet somethings are really interesting to explore.

I have pondered for years over the nature of darkness, Light is essential, yet the fastest travelling object, be that of a photon is extremely unique in property. The double slit experiment to me is still fascinating, is light a wave or particle or both, something we are not anywhere close to understanding, everyday objects of usage are still filled with anomalies, even water.

Einstein after having sitting in a patent office for months, becoming the odd ball of his school, helped provide to the world the equation of mass, matter, light and energy. This equation has changed history, in ways, from being a deadly force of destruction to a force of creation and sustenance, becoming a source for energy. This is the famous E=mc2. Sure I have been in conversations, where this would be discussed, for pleasing our sense of intellect. Though this here is not really on that, but rather to express my view of how this equation could be also looked at.

I will not be delving into the nitty gritty here, as this equation and its practicality of understanding requires experience and knowledge, way more than, an explorer of 31 years old, sitting in a dingy room pondering how this equation can help him, build a time machine. Yet the reason for me typing this, is on the specifications of points that, sir Albert might have not added, darkness!

What would the equation provide if the speed of darkness would be added and what could be the implication that this can have on future of our understanding on energy and matter.

Darkness, cross-culturally was treated with negative connotation. Not looking at culture, but rather through the known fundamentals of science, darkness is mere absence of light, or rather re-phrasing the same, darkness is the basis for light, given how we see, its in the lap of darkness, the void space, that we see the dots of light called stars, though they are celestial bodies of high pressure and gases. Darkness might as well be called as canvas to the painting of light.

The universe as we understand today, is one, forever expanding, that exists on two forces and two energies. I wonder why the equation was void from the speed of darkness. Light traverses through space at an accelerating 300,000km/sec . If I understand this correctly, forgive me if I am wrong here, since while pondering over a subject of such nature in mid - night can really kick up the brain cells. May be because we tend to leave casually, that we see often. I Look at how newtonian principles can be applicable here, light and darkness are not opposites or different, true they are indeed diametrically opposite in nature, but then, on the level of physical science, opposites could just be a variable, Its like saying push is not equal to pull, and yes thats true, but, we pull the same object that can also be pushed.

Hence the object is the same, just the force acting on it, is different, crest and trough, the wave is the same.

Though on a philosophical level of intellectualisation, may be I can conclude, that , The speed of darkness is equal to the speed of light, just the nature of the two are different, like the push and pull. My analysis is, darkness carries equal speed, 300,000km/sec. The dispersion rate of light and darkness varies. I am not sure, if we consider vacuum is darkness?

Darkness to my understanding of experimentation, metaphorically is a fabric, on which, the stitch of light establishes. The fabric operates on the background of vacuum or space sort of? The fabric representing here is dispersion, i can also call it expansion. Hence may be why we understand, the universe is ever - expanding, the vacuum is expanding or is it darkness? in all direction of x,y,z and temporally also? Hence the nature of darkness (d) with expansion ( e ) should have a place in the equation, as the universe expands by the help of higher force, this provides space for activity of light (c) to happen, aiding matter ( m ) to exist.

I would add a variable to darkness known as the dispersion or expansion ( e ) , though I can also safely assume that darkness is faster than light, or may be darkness can spread faster. I am not including time here with a specific criteria, because space and time are one, since speed would include both already, hence I may discussing speed of darkness here in this blog.

Darkness and light are mere energetic forces. Most Scientists, from Dawkins to Darwin, Einstien to Brain Cox have have always tried to understand this. May be a multiverse some where else, there is a possibility to wonder about, A light expansive universe where darkness is the ray like a laser. Have we ever created a darkness laser? Quite hard to even see how the possibility of creating a such a device may be!

To conclude, universe exists with a lot of dark matter and dark energy.

So E = m . c2 . d2 + e

E = mc2

with variables of dark energy and dark matter and expansion ; where ‘d’ is speed of darkness & ‘e’ is speed of expansion. The rate of expansion is not known to me, as the tools required for such is not in my room, not to mention, this is writing of explorative understanding, not hard facts or truth.

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